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Mission Statement

I wish to present myself to you ~ I am Rosemary The Celtic Lady ~ Guided by Joshua ~

I have been receiving messages from Joshua my spirit guide as far back as I can remember.  For years now he has been pressing me to bring together all light workers from all over the world.

As founder of the American Association of Healers, I wish to bring forth healers, who are a representative of the light..... who have Integrity, are ethical, honorable and professional.

Each person in the Association is very unique and individual in their own way. Each person is a representative in their own light, each one also gets guidance, as I do.

This organization is not about competition.  It is about us all being equal in the eyes of spirit......

"A message from Joshua"

Beloved ones, I come to you with hope in my heart, as each and every one of my representatives, step fourth into the light... Come under my wing and the wings of my Angels, we will guide and protect all that you do. It is of the up most importance that we all step forward at this moment in time.

With love in our hearts, faith in our work and with guidance from spirit, we can all make a difference on this planet... It is time to reach out to your fellow man, woman and child, lift them up as you raise yourself upwards... Remember "You Too Can Make a Difference" .

Ask and you shall receive ~ All things can come to you if you truly wish it with all of your heart... You are here to make a difference in this world, step out and do so.... Do not be afraid, I will guide you... Fear is an emotion that is not required... All that is required is Faith....

Remember    "You are Light!  You are one with the Light! The Light within you!                                                     





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