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By Anthony Teresi

How would you like to explore one of the most profound art forms available in this lifetime, one that would help reveal your true nature?  Follow me as I show you a simple yet effective way to see what the great art of Astrology can do for you.  So, let us ask the not so simple question…  What is Astrology?

Astrology, by definition, can be described as “The Psychology of Astronomy”.  It is, simply stated, the study of how human characteristics and behavior are affected by the movement and continual interaction of the heavenly bodies in our solar system.  Humanity has always looked to the stars to determine its destiny, for single individuals as well as entire nations.

It has been the astronomers of every historical epoch who have discovered what was out there in the universe.  But it has been the astrologers who deciphered that information and showed us what it meant in everyday life.  What they found is an order that reflects itself throughout all life, indeed, all reality.  It is by our ability to peer into this dynamic process that we can discover who we are and what may lie ahead for each individual, as well as for the collective destiny of all humanity.

Astronomy gives us the most accurate data available establishing the true positions of the planets, stars and constellations surrounding us.  Based on highly definitive techniques, modern Astronomy is able to determine, with incredible accuracy, the precise placement of the constellations and planets, comets and asteroids for just about any given moment in time.

The natal or birth chart is essentially a map or a picture of the heavens cast precisely for the moment of any birth, be it star, planet, human being, animal or any specific event.  Astrology takes this information and based upon thousands of years of real time and real life observation, translates it into intelligible workable interpretations that coincide with actual reality.

This would be a very basic example of how Astrology works...
Imagine for a moment that we are at a football game and we have our trusty camera with us. If at some point we were to stand up and snap a picture of the game in progress, would we know by that picture which team won the game? Most likely the answer would be ‘No’!
We would however have a lot of information about the event that was taking place when the picture was snapped, wouldn't we?

Okay, so let’s say we hop on a plane, fly to Alaska, and show that same picture to some folks up in Juneau.  They would not know who won the game by just looking at the picture either.  However, they would have a lot of pertinent information about what was taking place when that photo was taken.  The same would be true if people were viewing that picture in Bombay, Tokyo or Rome.  It would tell them the same things wherever they were, and what would that be?
Just some of the those things would be...

    • A Game Is Going On
    • Who Is Playing (Teams)
    • Perhaps What City They Would Be Playing In
    • The Individual Players (By Their Numbers)
    • The Officials, The Coaches, The Media
    • The Score (Who Is Winning At The Time The Photo Was Taken?)
    • Further Developments (We Would Know There Was a Beginning And We Know That There Would Be The Rest Of The Game)
    • A Conclusion (One Team Would Win, The Game Would Be Over)

In other words, by looking closely at that picture, we could come to some very accurate conclusions about what was happening in that one specific instant in time.

It is much the same with a birth chart.  It does not tell us all there is to know about you or any one individual.  It does however give us, much like the picture in our example above, a lot of information about what was happening at the instant of your birth and the point to which your life or reality had evolved to.  It also shows us how and where you best fit into the picture that includes literally "everything" that was  coming to be at the instant of your birth and has since continued to evolve into what we call your history.  The natal chart captures the specific principles that reflect YOU.  The chart can depict who you are with a high degree of accuracy both as an individual of this earthly realm, as well as a cosmic star child.  In truth, you are both expressions...  Microcosm and Macrocosm!

This is a very basic yet accurate view of how Astrology "works."  For those of you who may desire to pursue a deeper "definition" of Astrology, I would refer you to a term coined by the famed psychologist, Carl Jung. The term is "Synchronicity."  Find out all you can about this as it describes at an infinitely more profound level, what our little example above alludes to.

What I have attempted to show you is this…  You have the extraordinary possibility to determine, through the study of Astrology, what your life’s mission on this planet is. You can also discover the tools you brought with you to accomplish this very mission.  Life is always about the choices we make.  You have the ability to recognize and avoid the pit falls that may trap your life, or you can embrace the wondrous gifts you’ve been given.  The choice becomes yours.  In your natal chart, there are multiple layers and cycles unfolding simultaneously.  Astrology offers many different ways and options to determine timing, compatibility, direction, family, fortune and the seemingly endless quest for life’s answers. 

I hope that this simple overview into the vastness of what Astrology is, inspires you to explore the far reaching impact of this art form, the immense contribution it has made throughout history, and more importantly, the profound insight astrological inquiry may impart into revealing the mysteries of who you really are …

Anthony Teresi


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