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Looking for the best Newsletter that begins to explain, that it is widely recognised among the Healers offering readings that everyone is psychic and able offer a energic healings if they wished. It is really a matter of tuning in and clearing yourself of negative energy. Connecting with your Guardian Angels is a life changing experience. Whether your interested in arranging a Angel Consultation or learning about our healing services, call Rosemary or one of our members today!


Welcome Everyone!

From Rosemary The Celtic Lady. Founder of the American, United Kingdom & UK Associations of Healers & Healers.

This organization is now being set up as a teaching facility.

Coming Soon! We will start to offer classes taught by members within the organization, any new visitors to any of these sites will be given the chance to expand their own gifts to the next level.

Please sign up for our Free Newsletter and we will start sending you updated information that will keep you informed about all that is going on around you globally. Each month a few of our members will write articles and share interesting stories with you. We will tell you about events going on even in your own areas, that you may not be aware of, Holistic Health Expos etc...

For joining, each month a new subscriber to the site will be selected to have a Free 30 minute reading by one of our very gifted readers, as long as you remain subscribed to the newsletter you will be given a chance each month to qualify for the drawing. From time to time our members will offer discounts to people who are subscribed to the Associations Newsletter Only!

Being subscribed to the Newsletter gives you a chance to add you or your family to our Prayer list, and once a month Rosemary The Celtic Lady will link up with other members in the UKAOH etc and pray for you. This will happen, for 5 days from 2 days before the full moon cycle, during and 2 days after.

Thank you for taking the time to sign up on the American, United Kingdom & UK Associations Newsletter.

We look forward to a long and lasting friendship with all our guests.

Love & Light

Rosemary The Celtic Lady.

Staff & Members of the AAOP, AAOH, UKAOP, UKAOH, UKAOP, UKAOH

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Thank you for reviewing our organization. We have many things we would love to share with you on a regular basis.

Please also add your prayer requests we will add you to our prayers every month. you will remain on this prayer list until you ask to be taken off it.

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